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Running the ADO.NET data provider for Polyhedra

Polyhedra 9.0 introduced the ADO.NET data provider for Polyhedra, and the standard release kits contain an example C# application and Visual Studio solution file that illustrates its use. The example application can be run against any of the standard demo databases provided in the main installation kits, and launches an active query so it can monitor the contents of the currency table. (The data provider is provided as a separate release kit, available to those with a development license for Polyhedra on Windows. For more details on how to run the example databases, see the evaluation guide which is supplied in PDF form in each of the main release kits, and also available for download from here.)

The video below shows both Polyhedra and the data provider being installed on a Windows 10 machine, an example database started and queried via SQLC, and the example C# application being compiled and run.