Some use cases for Polyhedra

Polyhedra was designed for use in embedded systems and embedded applications, and thus has a number of features that are not provided by general-purpose database systems, and has a simplified or tailored implementation of other features to make them more suitable for embedded applications. For example, its locking mechanism allows the database designer to ensure that critical updates (such as a sequence of new readings from a sensor) can never be blocked, even if an operator is currently in the process of changing the configuration information in the record that will be holding the updated readings. Likewise, the fact that different versions of Polyhedra can talk together is important to many of our customers, as is the fact that a new version of the Polyhedra server will always be able to read the database files produced by the preceding version (and many earlier ones as well).

The following sections list some use cases for Polyhedra, to illustrate the flexibility of the product.