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The contents of this web site is considered as supplementary 'User Documentation', complementing (and in some cases, replicating) material that is contained in the Polyhedra release kits or made available via the main web site. Consequently, the following notices apply:

Copyright notice

Copyright © Enea Software AB 2014. Except to the extent expressly stipulated in any software license agreement covering this User Documentation and/or corresponding software, no part of this User Documentation may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or translated, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Enea Software AB. However, permission to take or print copies for personal use is hereby granted - as is the right to make use of any supplied source code samples in your Polyhedra-based application provided the use of the Polyhedra executables and libraries is covered by an appropriate license.


E&OE.[1] The information in this User Documentation is believed to be an accurate description of the features and functionality of Polyhedra® as at the time of writing – but as the product family undergoes continual improvement the behaviour is subject to change without notice (though our compatibility principles mean that existing code will rarely need alteration and existing applications will interact with new versions of the software). Unless stipulated in any software license agreement covering this User Documentation and/or corresponding software, the information presented here should not be construed as a commitment of Enea Software AB.

Note: in the case of any discrepancy between the information available on this site (or the associated Polyhedra Downloads site) and the information provided as part of the Polyhedra release kits and reference manuals, the latter are to be taken as definitive.


Enea®, Enea OSE® and Polyhedra® are the registered trademarks of Enea AB and its subsidiaries. Enea OSE®ck, Enea OSE® Epsilon, Enea® Element, Enea® Optima, Enea® LINX, Enea® Accelerator, Polyhedra® Lite, Polyhedra® Flash DBMS, Enea® dSPEED, Accelerating Network Convergence™, Device Software Optimized™ and Embedded for Leaders™ are unregistered trademarks of Enea AB or its subsidiaries. Any other company, product or service names mentioned in this User Documentation are the registered or unregistered trademarks of their respective owner.

Company information

Enea Software AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enea AB, a company incorporated in Sweden. For contact details, see the main corporate site,

[1] according to Wikipedia: "E&OE is an initialism standing for errors and omissions excepted. ... In legal terms, it seeks to make a statement that information cannot be relied upon, or may have changed by the time of use."