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While many 3rd-party applications and tools use ODBC to connect to external data sources, those written in Java use JDBC. Here we shall look at one such database inspection tool, JaySQL. There are two versions of this product: the full version is available under a commercial license, whilst the reduced-functionality version (called JaySQL Lite) is free to download. (Synametrics also produce WinSQL, which runs only on Windows and uses ODBC.) When JaySQL first starts up, it brings up a dialogue box asking you which driver to use. As it does not know about the Polyhedra driver yet, the first step is to click on the Jdbc Mgr. button…

Click the + button, and in the new dialogue box change the Files of Type selector to Zipped File, and then navigate to the directory which contains an uncompressed copy of the Polyhedra release kit – inside which will be a compressed file called (Hint: do not uncompress this file!) Select, then click Open. When you close the JDBC Driver Manager dialogue box (and answered yes to the confirmation request), you will now be able to select the JDBC class for the Polyhedra JDBC Driver and fill in other details as needed: the form of the connection string for a local server listening on port 8001 is jdbc:polyhedra://:8001. Once you click OK you can start inspecting the database: the Catalog tab, for example, allows you to inspect the tables, including their contents.