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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft office applications such as Excel and Access can interact with Polyhedra, as they already understand how to access external data sources via ODBC. With Excel 2010, for example, you can open a blank spreadsheet, then from the Data tab click on the Get External Data button and drill down to From Other Sources/From Microsoft Query:

Select the DSN you have already set up for your Polyhedra database and you will be prompted for a user name and password. (Polyhedra allows user-based security – if you have not enabled this, give a dummy user name and password at this stage. This stops you being prompted again at a later point.) The query wizard will bring up a list of tables, and you can then click on one to select which columns you require (see image below left). If you click Next> and then choose the default option to the subsequent dialogue boxes, Excel will populate your worksheet with the result of the query.