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Third-party tools

Polyhedra has developed ODBC drivers for use on Windows and Linux/x86, and a JDBC driver (that is written in Java and thus platform-independent). This means that third party inspection and modelling tools such as WinSQL, JaySQL, SQuirreL, Enterprise Architect and SQLSpec can use ODBC and JDBC schema inspection calls to look at the structure of the database, and then use this information to browse the contents of the database. Of course, the ODBC and JDBC schema inspection functions do not know about the Polyhedra extensions to the relational database model such as table inheritance. SQLSpec gets round this limitation by using standard SQL queries to look at the Polyhedra schema tables, but this is the only third-party tool (that we know about) that does this.

We are preparing brief notes on some of the tools we know about, showing how they can be used with Polyhedra. See below for a list of those we have covered.  Note that if the tools are updated by their developers, these instructions may no longer be valid; if you spot any errors or if you would be interested in seeing instructions for other tools, please drop a note to!