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Element and Polyhedra

Enea Element is "a middleware product is a middleware software layer situated between the operating system (OS) and application layer providing infrastructure services that address common application needs beyond those supplied by the OS. Application developers can use Element’s powerful application development framework to simplify the design and implementation of complex, highly available applications in high performance, distributed, heterogeneous systems." Among the features offered by Element is a High Availability framework, that helps provide fault-tolerant services by monitoring the components providing those services and assigning roles to the individual components.

When Polyhedra is used in systems using Element, it is sensible to use Element to act as the Polyhedra arbitrator, so that a common approach can be used for managing all the HA services on the system. To assist with this, sample code is available to Polyhedra and Element customers, along with an application note that describes it operation. In due course, further notes will be published about using Polyhedra and Element together, and will be gathered together here.